Al-Rabee is a Saudi leader in the field of recycling and trading high-quality polymers. Al-Rabee recycles and trades all types of quality plastics on different scales for both local and international markets. Al-Rabee recycles and trades distinctly different kinds of high performance plastics, such as PE, PP, LLDPP,LDPP, HDPE, PP+PE and others.

Al-Rabee management team expertise goes back more than 20 years in the field of recycling and trading plastics inside and outside the Kingdom. Although Al-Rabee produces high-quality products, it offers competitive prices and attractive deals in a range of scrap and waste plastics. Al-Rabee is keen on providing quality products and services in a consistent manner protecting its good market reputation of being an organization operating on basis of integrity and credibility.

What We Do

Al-Rabee activities can be summarized in the following

  • Recyle and sell all kinds of plastics, such as PE, PP, LLDPP,LDPP, HDPE, PP+PE and others
  • Trade all types of scrap and waste plastics
Our Standards

Al-Rabee operates under the highest international standards of quality control in its products and services. Al-Rabee will sort all kinds of plastic scrap ad waste through qualified, skilled manpower and modern machines using latest technology in the industry. Al-Rabee is fully responsible for its products in terms of specifications and quality. All purchases and sales are inspected and data verified either through photos, videos or physical inspection on

Our Capabilities

Al-Rabee owns one of the most high-performance, modern recycling facilities in Saudi Arabia with a number of large indoor/ outdoor stores in addition to its own transportation trucks.

Al-Rabee has a professional management team leading its skilled labor force operating its recycling factory, stores and transportation trucks. Al-Rabee has its own professional international marketing office based in Jeddah.